A popular farm-to-table restaurant finds a new home on the waterfront.

The founder and the head chef of Woods Hill Table approached M Space Design with a special project in mind. They were in the process of constructing a new, sophisticated restaurant on Boston’s iconic Pier 4, featuring breathtaking waterfront views. They wanted the brand identity for the new Woods Hill Pier 4 to reflect their commitment to using fresh, sustainable ingredients from their own farm, while also celebrating the restaurant’s oceanside location. As advocates of small farms, the Woods Hill team is deeply passionate about every aspect of where their food comes from and were eager to share the story of their ingredients. To help them distinguish Woods Hill Pier 4 in a competitive market and attract diners, we refreshed their branding and incorporated beautiful ocean hues into their palette and photography. We also designed signage, menus, and all the essential materials a good top-tier restaurant needs. 

Shine on.

Tappers is a family-owned provider of luxury diamonds and designer fashion jewelry, serving generations of customers in the greater Detroit area. When it came time to rejuvenate their brand, the Tappers team called M Space. We focused on a strategy to honor their upscale heritage and style. We refreshed the brand by designing a new Tappers logo, color palette, gift boxes, wrapping paper, shopping bags, gift cards, and email templates. The Tappers branding incorporates the sparkle of stones and metals and jewels, without competing with the actual product. We call the mark “the glow” because our client wants customers to feel aglow when when they enjoy their new purchase from Tappers.

An innovative plant-based startup, provides a fresh take on seafood.

New Wave Foods, has created a plant-based shrimp that is sustainable and made mostly from sea algae. This shrimp not only tastes like the real thing, but it’s also healthier for you and better for the environment. M Space worked with New Wave Foods to launch their product in the fast-moving, high-interest category of plant-based foods.

A private venture capital fund focused on early-stage investments in technology and healthcare. 

When Evans Capital approached us at M Space, they were looking for a brand identity and digital platform to launch their new family fund. In our strategy work, we discovered there were many similar investors going after the same opportunities and using similar messaging, but Evans Capital had a level of experience that set them apart. Our challenge was to showcase Evans Capital’s stability and even-keeled approach while communicating a unique point of view that rises above the competitive fray. Interestingly, the founder of Evans Capital is an avid collector of modern art so we tapped into his passion for the arts and commissioned original illustrations for our design. The result was a brand identity that conveys their enterprising spirit, capped off with a bright blue monogram mark. And within this handsome framework, all their functional financial information is featured in a clear, grounded manner. 

Evans Capital launch was such a success that they got more inquiries than they expected. It’s not every day that our clients call to say we’re doing too good a job!

Find your Nantucket.

Great Point Properties is a leader of Nantucket real estate. They pride themselves on the integrity of their agents and their deep roots in the island. The minute you set foot on Nantucket, you depart from the ordinary. With pristine beaches, a thriving local food scene, and unending charm, it’s easy to see why so many want to live and vacation there.

Inspired by the colors of the island and tales of Nantucket whaling, M Space Design developed Great Point’s brand strategy and identity. We created a stand-apart look that honored the island ambience and work ethic – values held dear by the Great Point team.

Food is powerful medicine.

Community Servings provides food and nutrition programs for individuals and families living with critical illnesses. The team at Community Servings worked with M Space Design to craft a fresh new brand identity that reflects the organization’s noble and expanding mission. First, we distilled the overall brand strategy into an impactful manifesto brimming with heart. Then we created the principal logo, tagline and visual style. On this bedrock, we further developed their visual language and design system with proprietary photography and messaging. We branded Community Serving’s fleet of meal delivery vans. We designed posters, event materials, and newsletters. And created lots of swag for their many generous volunteers and events. We’re so proud to help Community Servings, because food really does heal!

Partners: Courage, Michael Piazza Photography

Driving from startup to Wall Street.

M Space designed the brand identity for Zipcar, a consumer-powered car sharing company. At the time, Zipcar was relatively unknown and had formidable competition from entrenched car rental companies like Hertz and Enterprise. By defining the company’s unique premise and lively personality, M Space created a brand mark that’s recognizable on everything from business cards and mobile apps to advertising and moving cars on the road. Zipcar’s well-loved brand image has continued to guide the company in its rapid growth into a publicly-held international brand.

Bite into summer.

You know how hard it is to find a good tasting tomato? Well, Backyard Farms provides delicious fresh tomatoes on the vine, all year long. Even in winter. And you may not think tomatoes needed their own brand, but they do. Supermarket produce sections are filled with competing tomato providers – not all of them good or good for you. Backyard Farms’ challenge was to rise above and distinguish itself from all the similar looking, but less flavorful competition.  M Space rebranded Backyard Farms with a fresh look and packaging to appeal to everyone who truly cares about good tasting tomatoes.

Partners: Cercone Brown

Branding the brand builder.

CXO is a brand strategy and communications firm, and a long-time collaborator and friend of M Space. CXO helps their clients, from big multinationals to startups, articulate what they do and why it matters. We created an elegant brand identity for this ultra-smart company to help them stand out and distinguish themselves. And we’ve really enjoyed watching them grow and attract many world class clients.

Becoming a household name.

At a pivotal point in their journey, CSN Stores combined numerous home goods websites into one rapidly growing platform and renamed it Wayfair. They offer ‘a zillion things home’, the largest selection of home furnishings and decor across all styles and price points. M Space developed Wayfair’s brand identity which included a symbol made of 4 colored houses to convey various styles and tastes coming together under one roof. Combined, the houses formed an open box shape symbolizing the convenient shipping aspect of online shopping. Beyond the famous Wayfair logo, we created a flexible brand palette, an early website design, a look for promotional sales, holidays and more. We established a voice, style and point of view to engage with a wide variety of shoppers in a friendly spirited manner that’s uniquely Wayfair.

Design smarts.

Harvard Business School (HBS) is where the world’s brightest and most diverse minds work together. HBS is much more than school, it’s an interactive global innovation network that grows with you for life. HBS’ alumni communications team came to M Space for help implementing their revitalized brand identity across many marketing programs. Over many years collaborating together, we’ve created design systems and communications for a variety of signature Harvard initiatives such as fellowship events, alumni achievement awards and fundraising outreach. Every day, HBS proves what it takes to be the number one B school and, through good design, it really shows. 

Rebranding the healthcare story.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is the world’s leading innovator for improving health and health care. When we first met, IHI’s brand identity was inconsistent. They weren’t getting the attention they deserved for their world-bettering work. And like many mature organizations, they were reluctant to change anything about their brand. M Space refreshed the existing logo and developed a visual language called ‘Systems of Change’ to hold the brand look and messaging together over it’s many locations and communications. It featured layered circles to symbolize different parts working together in one system. We commissioned black & white photography of IHI people at work combined with graphs and numbers to tell the story of its data-driven scientific methods. IHI continues to be a highly trusted organization that sees the whole healthcare picture in one practical optimistic light. 

Partner: CXO Communication