Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Rebranding the healthcare story.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is the world’s leading innovator for improving health and health care. When we first met, IHI’s brand identity was inconsistent. They weren’t getting the attention they deserved for their world-bettering work. And like many mature organizations, they were reluctant to change anything about their brand. M Space refreshed the existing logo and developed a visual language called ‘Systems of Change’ to hold the brand look and messaging together over it’s many locations and communications. It featured layered circles to symbolize different parts working together in one system. We commissioned black & white photography of IHI people at work combined with graphs and numbers to tell the story of its data-driven scientific methods. IHI continues to be a highly trusted organization that sees the whole healthcare picture in one practical optimistic light. 

Partner: CXO Communication