Evans Capital

A private venture capital fund focused on early-stage investments in technology and healthcare. 

When Evans Capital approached us at M Space, they were looking for a brand identity and digital platform to launch their new family fund. In our strategy work, we discovered there were many similar investors going after the same opportunities and using similar messaging, but Evans Capital had a level of experience that set them apart. Our challenge was to showcase Evans Capital’s stability and even-keeled approach while communicating a unique point of view that rises above the competitive fray. Interestingly, the founder of Evans Capital is an avid collector of modern art so we tapped into his passion for the arts and commissioned original illustrations for our design. The result was a brand identity that conveys their enterprising spirit, capped off with a bright blue monogram mark. And within this handsome framework, all their functional financial information is featured in a clear, grounded manner. 

Evans Capital launch was such a success that they got more inquiries than they expected. It’s not every day that our clients call to say we’re doing too good a job!