Shine on.

Tappers is a family-owned provider of luxury diamonds and designer fashion jewelry, serving generations of customers in the greater Detroit area. When it came time to rejuvenate their brand, the Tappers team called M Space. We focused on a strategy to honor their upscale heritage and style. We refreshed the brand by designing a new Tappers logo, color palette, gift boxes, wrapping paper, shopping bags, gift cards, and email templates. The Tappers branding incorporates the sparkle of stones and metals and jewels, without competing with the actual product. We call the mark “the glow” because our client wants customers to feel aglow when when they enjoy their new purchase from Tappers.

An innovative plant-based startup, provides a fresh take on seafood.

New Wave Foods, has created a plant-based shrimp that is sustainable and made mostly from sea algae. This shrimp not only tastes like the real thing, but it’s also healthier for you and better for the environment. M Space worked with New Wave Foods to launch their product in the fast-moving, high-interest category of plant-based foods.

A regional marijuana company launching a dispensary and its own line of cultivated products.

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in the competitive and regulated cannabis market. Ahead of their opening, Blackstone Valley Cannabis engaged M Space to create a brand identity system that reflects their welcoming vision. We honed their overall strategy and developed a branding that stands apart from the cliché slick dark aesthetic of other marijuana companies. Drawing on the rich industrial history of the Blackstone Valley, the flower shape of our logo is reminiscent of both a mill wheel and a cannabis plant. We chose to create a simple, bright, optimistic look that resonates with the idea of being a modern accessible company developing new unique products.

Bite into summer.

You know how hard it is to find a good tasting tomato? Well, Backyard Farms provides delicious fresh tomatoes on the vine, all year long. Even in winter. And you may not think tomatoes needed their own brand, but they do. Supermarket produce sections are filled with competing tomato providers – not all of them good or good for you. Backyard Farms’ challenge was to rise above and distinguish itself from all the similar looking, but less flavorful competition.  M Space rebranded Backyard Farms with a fresh look and packaging to appeal to everyone who truly cares about good tasting tomatoes.

Partners: Cercone Brown

Sweet brand renewal.

YumEarth, an organic candy leader, needed to shake things up. Other candy brands were encroaching on their share in a tough retail market. Their organic treats have wonderful ingredients. They’re non-GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, no hidden soy fillers, but they’re still candy. And candy needs to be fun. The brand strategy called for something kids and moms alike would find appealing while also telling the healthier story. The YumEarth packaging design is vibrant and fresh to reflect the cleaner ingredients and to really stand out on busy supermarket shelves. We illustrated the whimsical characters to differentiate the flavors and remind us of the joy in sweet treats. Yum.

Partner: Connelly Partners