Upstairs on the Square

M Space worked with the proprietors of Upstairs on the Square since the early 90’s. Their iconic restaurant was a Harvard Square institution. We developed the identity for their first restaurant, Upstairs at the Pudding, which was housed above Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club. The dining room was filled with pink, gold, lots of pattern and antique posters of crocodiles (the longtime mascot of the Hasty Pudding Club). We developed our own unique crocodile character that embodied the warmth and childlike whimsy of the restaurant. When Upstairs at the Pudding eventually moved to a new location it was aptly renamed Upstairs on the Square. The new location was once a fraternity house and the old school wood paneling was transformed with signature colors and patterns of the Upstairs brand. M Space then created a new character for the restaurant – a zebra – naturally, because an old regal horse all painted up is a zebra.